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LEGO (On-Road) Helmet- OG

The first generation of classic Lego helmets.
Designed with a simple and timeless style.
Incorporating subtle retro LOGO elements.
A straightforward design with a touch of coolness.
Has become a beloved new trend in Lego headwear among the public.


【 Material 】
 The helmet is made of ABS engineered plastic that is resistant to shocks and cracks.

【 Asian head type 】
 This helmet is moderately light.
 It does not cause your neck to become stressed during your journey.
 The lining inside the helmet uses a rhombic stitch pattern with a removable velcro design for enhanced texture and easy cleaning. 
 The Mongolian helmet is a comfortable and fitting helmet for wearing

【 Safty Buckle 】
 Mongolian helmets use the stainless steel D-ring design to enhance their safety and longevity.
 Pulling the red strap on the chain strap makes removing the helmet easier and faster.

【 Safty Certification 】
 Full Mongolian helmets have achieved the multinational certification of the helmets "CNS", "DOT", "CCC" and "SG".

【Sizing & Fit 】
 Head Circumference 
 M : 56~57cm
 L   : 58~59cm
 XL : 60~61cm

Please purchase Mongolian goods from the cooperative distribution base or official website. 
Please note that if you can not provide proof of purchase, we will not provide after-sales service.