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Punk Xīng zhàn Flip Up Visor Helmet 【White Gloss】

In case of insufficient inventory of goods and need to change the size, please leave a message when placing an order.

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Xīng zhàn Flip Up Visor Helmet - Punk

There are 30 round iron ring air holes at the leading edge of the helmet. This gives people the style of punk rock and a combination of power and beauty. 
Flip up visor helmets are processing products of Star Wars helmet series. The visor and helmet body are tight, which can effectively reduce the wind sound and block wind, rain, and insects.
The lens has high perspective UV resistance and scratch resistance. 
The helmet weight is about 1250 ±50g. It is light, comfortable to wear, and convenient.
The Mongolian full-face helmet is equipped with a hardcore iron net in the vents. To make it more texture, we provide a lot of air holes shape to choices.



 The helmet is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is resistant to impact and cracking.

【FIT for Asia People】
 The helmet's weight is moderate. It does not make your neck stressed during your ride.
 Inside the helmet uses a rhombic pattern sewing with a removable velcro design to enhance the texture and clean easily. 
 Mongolian helmet is fit for wearing and comfortable.

【Safety Buckle】
 Mongolian helmets adopt the steel doubled buckle design to increase the helmet's safety and longevity.
 Pulling the red ribbon on the buckle can help you take off the helmet more easily and fast.

【Safety Certification】
 Mongolian full-face helmets have passed the multi-national certification of "CNS", "DOT", "CCC", and "SG".
 Make you wear more at ease.

 Head Circumference 
 M : 54~56cm
 L   : 57~58cm
 XL : 59~60cm

Please purchase Mongolian goods from the cooperative distribution base or official website. 
Please note that if you can not provide proof of purchase, we will not provide after-sales service.